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"What we do is more art

and soul than science"


Our goal is to surpass customer expectancy, provide an environment where collaboration, creativity and technology merge to produce high quality audiovisual production services. Our professional team of creative and talented minds is committed to continue to deliver top quality services, expert consultancy and value to our customers through an array of additional services , making it a convenient “one stop shop” 


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Malury Imbernon

Head of Visual Department & CEO

Malury’s entire professional life has been surrounded by music and visuals. Thanks to her combined audio visual knowledge, having graduated as both, as an Audio Engineer and Media Arts & Animation, gives her a better understanding of how to combine these worlds together.


Malury’s background come from producing indie bands , music videos, independent businesses to doing visual for major corporation such as Burger King, Popeyes, Tim Hortons, etc. Malury’s character is known for believing in the balance of mind and body , “I practice a Chinese qigong called Falun Gong, it includes slow movement exercises and meditation, it helps me improve not only physically but also in the values of Truth, Compassion and Tolerance . I try to apply this values not only in my everyday life but also in my business.

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Paulio Shakespeare


Growing up on a farm in New Zealand, Paulio later studied Sound Engineering and Film and Television.

In 2006 he landed a job in New York working as a reporter/cameraman and editing news for tight daily deadlines, later he moved into producing and cinematography for tv shows and documentaries.


New York based Producer and Director of Photography Paulio Shakespeare has over 10+ years experience in creating TV shows, commercials, short films and documentaries.

After founding Shakespeare Productions he has been creating stylized commercials and corporate films for leading brands and fortune 500 companies.


Vladimir Quintero

Audio Engineer

Experienced, dedicated award-winning Audio Engineer and Voiceover, with extensive and important experience in Audio Production and Recording both in studio and live venue settings.


Worked in multichannel audio recording for record productions, audio recording of live concerts as well as Pre and Post Audio Production for Radio and TV Spots, sound design, creation of sound Effects for cinema and video, documentaries, short films and animated series.


Solid Audio mixing background for record productions, mastering for radio and digital platforms. Sound design and mixing for live concerts.


Audio mixing for television at live events. Design and amplification for symphony orchestras adapting microphones to the venue. Recording and mixing both in digital and analog formats.

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