"What we do is more art

and soul than science"


Our goal is to surpass customer expectancy, provide an environment where collaboration, creativity and technology merge to produce high quality audiovisual production services. Our professional team of creative and talented minds is committed to continue to deliver top quality services, expert consultancy and value to our customers through an array of additional services , making it a convenient “one stop shop” 


Adrian Morales-Demori

VP & Head of Audio Department & Grammy Nominated Audio Engineer

Malury Imbernon

Head of Visual Department & CEO

Adrian breathes, thinks, and lives for music. Being a musician first, along with his music production abilities, makes him stand out not only as a schooled audio engineer but also communicating and understanding the musician language the clients needs. 


Adrian has earned Multiple Latin Grammy nominations and endorsements from Audio brands likes Waves Audio and Phoenix Audio, while working from engineering albums for major labels such as Sony Music, Universal, Warner to Audio for videos for movie and Video Game companies such as Paramount Picture, Universal Pictures, E1Ent, 2KGames  and major advertising agencies engineered and recorded and produced music for Disney, Sprint, Toyota, Banamex, Wal-Mart, Coca-Cola, Mac Donald’s and other major brands. Adrian is very passionate about his work, “it is hard to call it a job when I get to had this much fun”. Adrian is known for his good sense of humor, loyalty, passion, efficiency, and open mindedness.

Malury’s entire professional life has been surrounded by music and visuals. Thanks to her combined audio visual knowledge, having graduated as both, as an Audio Engineer and Media Arts & Animation, gives her a better understanding of how to combine these worlds together.


Malury’s background come from producing indie bands , music videos, independent businesses to doing visual for major corporation such as Burger King, Popeyes, Tim Hortons, etc. Malury’s character is known for believing in the balance of mind and body , “I practice a Chinese qigong called Falun Gong, it includes slow movement exercises and meditation, it helps me improve not only physically but also in the values of Truth, Compassion and Tolerance . I try to apply this values not only in my everyday life but also in my business.



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